Unique and Stunning Urban Senior Pictures {Boulder Longmont Senior Portrait Photographer}


I will have to state another disclaimer at the beginning of this blog as well! Kayla is simply amazing and I absolutely adore her!  She was an amazing girl in my fifth grade class years ago and is now a stunning and amazing senior. We reconnected a few years back and have had numerous coffee chats. Through these conversations, I have gotten to know my fifth grade student all over again. I knew Kayla would make her mark on the world years ago, and now, I am sure, this girl is going to change the world! Kayla is funny, interesting, smart, stunningly beautiful and just has one of those intriguing old souls. I literally could talk to to Kayla for hours. Her ambition to help others and her ability to stay steady on her own unique path are undeniable. I love her confidence, her sweet and polite manner and most of all, her funny and silly side! As you can see below, I kept one of her silliest images in the mix and this is the reason why: who can look this good and make a photo look like it belongs in a fashion magazine, making this face?!?!? Yep! Kayla. We had so much fun during our photo shoot. Kayla made my job about as easy as it could possibly be. Her look, style and personality were effortless. She is just beautiful, inside and out. Love this girl and can’t wait to see all the amazing things she will accomplish in her life! 


fashion senior picture

senior portrait fashion magazine


fashion model senior picture


cute stairway senior portrait

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