Senior Pictures-Boulder Colorado – Maddy {Boulder Senior Portrait Photographer}

Senior portrait season is always so much fun. I always get to meet the most amazing seniors.  This fall I had the privilege to work with Madeline, a proud Fairview High School senior.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this gorgeous girl. From the minute we first emailed, she was smart, articulate, polite and simply wonderful to work with. 

Maddy chose the perfect outfits to compliment her beautiful skin tone, gorgeous hair and amazing eyes!

We had so much fun during our senior session. We made it through the first half with flying colors and then it started to rain. But, just like true Colorado weather, we gave it a minute, and then the sun came out again and gave us some breathtaking images. 

Maddy was the perfect model. She was easy going, funny and had the best attitude the entire shoot! I can’t wait to see what Madeline decides to do in the future- I know it will be magnificent! 

Thank you,  Maddy!


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