Senior Pictures Boulder CO- Fairview High School {Boulder Senior Portrait Photographer}


Will was one of my amazing students back when I taught 5th grade. I know… I’m aging myself on my own blog! I have been lucky enough to have stayed in touch will Will and his wonderful family through the years. So as you can imagine, when Will contacted me to take his senior portraits for Fairview High School- I was thrilled. He just wanted something short and sweet, no bells and whistles. His mom and I thought about numerous locations. For a short session and something simple- the location for the photo shoot was right in front of our eyes! Will and his family live in the Chitauqua Park area in Boulder. Their backyard is simply a slice of heaven, right in the heart of Boulder, CO.

So, boys will be boys- Will, his brother and one of his buddies threw the football around, goofed off on the zip line and just hung out. Ladies-don’t let Will fool you! As a Fairview football player, who towers over most people, he does have a softer side. 🙂 He desperately wanted the neighbors’ newborn puppies included in his photo shoot! Since we couldn’t get the puppies to join us- Will added a bit of his humor in the last image. 

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this family.

So simple. So perfect. 

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