Newborn Photographer- Hallfi {Boulder Newborn Photographer}

Being a newborn portrait photographer is such an amazing job. Even though my husband and I have decided that we are done having children, I always get so excited to get my baby fix during my newborn sessions.

There is nothing sweeter or more precious than a brand new soul being carried into my studio for the very first time. I love planning for each newborn session. I tailor every session to make it unique and creative to fit each family’s individual style and vision. Colors, wraps, hair pretties, hats and backgrounds are all carefully planned to create a new masterpiece each and every time.

When I met Hallfi’s parents, I fell instantly in love with them as a couple and then again as a new family of three. Such a beautiful family- inside and out. Sweet little Hallfi gave us the most beautiful images. Her perfect little features seem to come through in every image. I absolutely adore this family and had such a wonderful time taking their portraits. 



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