Natural and Beautiful Senior Pictures {Boulder Westminster Photographer}


Ok, so I am just going to state a disclaimer at the beginning of my post! I adore this girl and her mother. Emily was one of our fifth graders back- in -the -day and is just an amazing girl! She is the epitome of beautiful. She is smart, funny, athletic, kind, sweet and just a great girl to be around. Emily made my job easy. She is effortlessly gorgeous and the camera obviously loves her too! We had so much fun during our senior sessions! From a late evening to an early morning, we had a a number of laughs, some crazy bug bites and great conversation! 

I am so excited for Emily and all the wonderful things that will come her way this senior year! I am strongly suggesting that Emily look into modeling for Athleta or Title Nine for a little pocket change in college! 

Love this girl! Thank you Emily and Camilla! XO



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