Large Group Family Portraits {Boulder Westminster Family Photographer}

It was a slightly overcast morning, the possibility for rain at some point was pretty high. I grabbed my camera bag and hit the road knowing that this slightly overcast day is just what I wanted! I love the sun and the magical images that it can produce. However, when the sun is high in a clear blue sky, you definitely have to get more creative to avoid those harsh shadows! The overcast clouds gave me my own natural diffuser! Love it!

It isn’t always easy to do a photo session with a large group, especially one with toddlers! However, it didn’t seem to matter with this gorgeous group. Don’t get me wrong, I had my work cut out for me and was breaking a sweat about half way through, but it was all worth it. This family was so much fun! When I got a big hug from the little guy at the very beginning, I knew we were going to be fast friends and capture some beautiful images.

There were so many amazing shots with this group. I’ve decided to break them up into a few blog posts! Enjoy!

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