Chitauqua Park Boulder Family Portraits

Chitauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado is just one of those sweet spots for a photographer! You just can’t go wrong with a beautiful family and the breathtaking backdrop of the Flatirons. It was such a pleasure working with this family! You know when you just meet someone and instantly like them and want to get to know them a little better? This family was down-to-earth, fun, and extremely photogenic. This little guy just stole my heart! He was funny, so very smart, VERY polite and just the sweetest little boy. Since I have a four- year- old of my own, I felt kinda hip (in the four -year- old -boy world), being able to talk Transformers, Octonauts, robots and bugs. Ahhhh… to be a kid again. So much fun! Thank you D family for such a great shoot!


chitauqua boulder family pictures

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