Unique and Beautiful Senior Pictures {Boulder Senior Portrait Photographer}


When I first met Kendall, I knew we were a photographer/client perfect match. I just adored her and her mother instantly. Kendall is obviously gorgeous but she is so much more. She is smart, ambitious, athletic, creative and true to her own unique and standout style.

On the day of our photo shoot, it was looking pretty grim. Clouds everywhere and it was starting to sprinkle. Ugh! I was really looking forward to our session. I called Kendall and her mom to see what they wanted to do. Kendall said, let’s go for it! Maybe we would get a 30 minute window to shoot before it started to pour. I was thinking back to my high school days and thought, there is no way she can get ready in time. “I will be there in about 20 minutes,” I said. Kendall said she would be ready. When I arrived, Kendall looked stunning! How she pulled it off, I will never know.

The clouds began to soften and the sun just peeked at us every now again, just when we wanted it to. It was going to be a perfect session soaked in beautiful natural light! Kendall’s poses and expressions were effortless and simply perfect. We had a great time, took some risks 😉 and had quite a few laughs.

Whether Kendall is the next GUESS model, running in the Olympics or the next big fashion designer, I know she will rock at what ever she chooses!

Thank you Kendall and Kaycee for such a great session!



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