Boulder Senior Portraits- Avery {Boulder Senior Portrait Photographer}

Boulder Senior Portraits 

This was one of my favorite senior portrait sessions this last season. Avery set the bar high for gorgeous senior portraits. The weather for this session wasn’t looking good. The forecast called for showers and clouds. I was tempted to cancel the session and reschedule. I asked Avery what she would like to do. She was such a good sport and suggested we go for it! She felt that the clouds and rain would be pretty! LOVE this girl!

For all of my portrait sessions, my goal is to try something new and different to give each photo session something artistically unique, whether it is the angle, the lighting, a prop or simply experimenting with different settings on my camera. So I was game for shooting in the rain! The sun peeped in and out and gave us gorgeous, even lighting. From old stumps, fences and barns, to high grasses and colorful leaves, this couldn’t have been a more perfect photo session. We were able to add so many different textures and colors. Avery gave me so many different looks and sides to her personality. The laughter in this session was truly contagious. Even though I had only known Avery for a short time, I felt like we were old friends just being silly and enjoying the moment.  Even our blooper outtakes turned out beautiful!

The clouds that day served as the perfect diffusers. Shooting with a wide open aperture gave us dreamy, soft backgrounds and beautiful bokeh.  I shot most of these images with my beloved Canon EOS 5D Mark III and favorite lens- the Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 .  Avery was a stunning model and allowed her personality to come through in each and every shot. Avery is definitely the whole package- gorgeous, smart, hilarious, sweet, sincere and a ton of fun to be around! Stanford will be lucky to have her as one of their students this fall! 

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