Boulder Senior Pictures- Daria

Boulder Senior Portrait Session

My session with Daria was amazing. Daria is a natural in front of the camera and the lighting and weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our photo shoot. I love to play with the light and shadows in photography. When I have beautiful glowing light, I LOVE to shoot with a wide open aperture and let the magic happen. Even though we waited for the “golden hour” the sun was still extremely bright and there were only a few small clouds in the sky. It was a bit of a challenge to find some shade to get more even lighting and avoid any harsh shadows. However, we seemed to to get the lighting just right in this photo shoot. Daria’s images came out so beautiful and dreamy! The Bokeh we were able to produce on this shoot was simply amazing! Beautiful girl- inside and out!

Thank you Daria and Katrina for a beautiful photo shoot with you and the rest of your family! So much fun working with all of you! 

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