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Some say that they think the art of photography is dead with the digital age. I tend to disagree. Don’t get me wrong, I have a HUGE amount of respect for photographers that were taking pictures long before the digital age and could make their portraits magnificent without any post processing- THAT is undeniable talent. I remember working in the darkroom in high school, carefully mixing chemicals, dodging, burning and hanging the pictures up to dry. It was fun, interesting and creative. If I were further in the photography business at that time, I probably could have learned a lot more and had even more fun!

However, growing up in this digital age has been exciting for me. I absolutely LOVE the endless possibilities of what you can do in post processing. It makes the art of photography different than before but it is certainly an art in every aspect of the business. Sometimes what can seem like an ordinary picture can turn into something rather magnificent with some imagination and post processing magic. Some people may love the way you edit the pictures and others may hate it. That’s really art in general though, isn’t it???

Even if you aren’t a professional photographer but you would like to experiment with your photos- go for it! Design fun invitations for your children’s birthday parties. Use your computer’s basic photo editing tools and have some fun! Grab your iphone and play with Instagram!


make a wish child photo

children in field photo


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