About Me


Wendy B. Photography is me- Wendy Brown. I am the creator, owner, photographer, designer, office staff and editor for Wendy B. Photography. I am also a proud mother of two beautiful and scrumptious children, wife to a brilliant, funny and witty tech guy, vanilla soy chai addict, and handbag and boot “collector.” I love to dance and have a strange affinity for football movies and office supplies! I am a true Colorado Native. I wouldn’t live anywhere else, except maybe Hawaii.

In my previous life, (before having babies), I was a public school teacher. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Education, I  went on to teach Spanish and First Grade for two years. My remaining 10 years were as a fifth grade teacher in Fort Collins and then in Boulder, CO.  I loved my job as a teacher and have so many fond memories of my students, their families, and my years as an educator.

Things that I find thrilling include: my children’s belly laughs, riding ATV’s, horses and snowmobiles, skiing, hiking with my Aussie pup, volleyball, the ocean and of course, taking pictures! I have many passions in life, however my husband and children are my everything. They are my love, my light and my inspiration.

Where my passion for photography started, I can’t quite remember. Although it probably began in the darkroom of my high school journalism class. I still remember mixing chemicals, dodging and burning pictures and hanging them up to dry! Ahhhh… technology. Although there are parts of me that miss real film photography, I do love the digital age! There is just something about having the ability to capture a beautiful moment in time and preserve it’s beauty, purity, and memory for a lifetime.

I always knew photography had a larger role in my life, but I wasn’t quite sure where it fit into the bigger picture.  After I had my first child, I was fortunate enough to be home. As you can imagine, having beautiful subjects of my very own only led to more pictures, more workshops and the realization that it was time to pursue my lifelong dream of starting my own photography business. So here I am! I love what I do and smile every day knowing I’m a click away from capturing another amazing moment in my family or in yours!

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